Dylan Pardue Media offers complete video production services from planning to shooting and editing a final piece, as well as event and product photography, web design, and graphic design services. 

Video Production

Services include:

  • Planning - Considering target audiences, your goals for a video, considering who to include in the video, writing scripts, and planning locations and shots.

  • Shooting - We can shoot on location anywhere in the state of Maine. Other locations may require reimbursement for travel. We use professional camera, lighting and audio equipment.

  • Editing - We offer full video editing services.


There are several types of videos that can promote your organization or business in different ways. It's important to consider your target audience when deciding on what type of video to produce.


Promotional videos

Introductory Video
Introduce your brand, business or organization to new clients, customers and donors while adding a personal touch. Viewers will be able to see firsthand what you do, and how the people you serve have been affected. Show that you take pride in your products and/or services, and give a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.

Product Video
Product videos are what most people think of when they hear “promotional video”. Highlight your new products or services, and promote your existing line of products. This shows new customers and/or clients what you have to offer them, and how you can benefit them.

Product Instructional Video
Product instructional videos are usually shorter than a typical promotional video, and can share with customers how to use a particular product. This can help clear up hesitations regarding a purchasing decision, and can help boost sales.


In-Depth Videos

Instructional Video
Typically a series of videos, instructional videos can be used online as a way to supplement in-person classes, or used as part of an online course. These can cover a wide range of topics, from music lessons to computer skills, to professional development. They’re also a great way to extend an in-person conference or course, by live streaming to viewers who can’t attend in-person. It is crucial to have professional video and audio with an instructional video, as poor video or audio quality can deter viewers from finishing the series.

Documentary Video
Typically more in-depth and longer than other types of videos, a documentary video is great for building onto an introductory video, and offering a deeper look at your organization or small business. They’re a great way to focus in on individuals, and show them in the field and behind the scenes.

Event or Product Photography

We offer photography services for events and products. 

Web Design

We offer complete web design services using the Squarespace platform. The platform includes your domain and hosting, and is easy to update later. We can also incorporate photography and/or video production services to fill your site with high quality media.

Graphic Design

We offer full graphic design services:

  • Logos and branding

  • Print materials: business cards, brochures, posters, etc


Below are basic quotes for the services we offer. Final quotes are project-dependant, and we can work with you to find something that fits within your budget. Please contact us to get a full quote.